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Four elements. Four seasons, too. Nigredo, Albedo, Rubedo and Citrinas are the four steps of alchemical illumination. Attack, decay, sustain and release represent the journey that sound takes in the language of electronic musical instruments. And here May Rei also presents a sound journey in four tracks influenced by trip hop, prog rock and electronica. She composes her works, writes the lyrics, records, produces and seduces. Chant and alchemy.
The new EP "The Bite of the Witch" is her second self-produced album, after "Epiphany". The title track evokes the sound of progressive rock and psychedelic from the 70s. "Taranted" brings the spell of the taranta from Salento. "Samhain" and "Suspiria" confirm May Rei's courage in experimenting with soundscapes that tell a story in themselves, aided by surreal vocals like a strange dream or a nightmare you want to dream again.
Written, arranged, produced, mixed and mastered  by MAY REI
Recorded at Einklang Studio, Germany
Vocals & Lyrics by MAY REI

Album cover © MAY REI 2021
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