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​May Rei offers a deep fusion of electronica, experimental sounds and pop. A darkly sensual cinematic fusion of melodic and natural vocals with a penchant for noisy and deep sounds. 
Featured by themes like love and mystic, May Rei´s music aims at bringing the listener in non-ordinary dance state to reveal directions towards one´s own source of power.

Besides singing, she writes her own lyrics, composes and produces all recordings on her own. This work is showcased in her first self-produced album "Epiphany", a beat-oriented project that switches times and states featured by sounds for a soothing or dark atmosphere. Her tracks reflect her "stream of consciousness" and her way to give voice to her thoughts about love, mystic and introspection. 
Written, arranged, produced, mixed and mastered  by MAY REI
Recorded at Einklang Studio, Munich (Germany)
Vocals & Lyrics by MAY REI
Album cover © MAY REI 2020


"I miei migliori complimenti! Mi hai emozionato ed ho apprezzato davvero la cura delle composizioni e scelta dei suoni." (Vito Lopraino, Musician and Composer - Giovinazzo, Italy).

"Ho avuto modo di ascoltare il tuo lavoro (...). Devo farti i miei complimenti. Un album elettronico ben fatto, sia nelle sonorità che nelle ritmiche. Brava!" (Indiano DeepDark, Music Producer and DJ - Firenze, Italy)

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