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"I believe that Music has memories by itself and if we remember our roots and how we started on our path, then we can take inspiration direct from ourselves and bring back the missing parts of our souls. I hope you will enjoy the music and the journeys."

From an early age, Maye became obsessed with her father’s and brothers’ record collection, rifling through albums by Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, David Bowie, Prince, Jean Michael Jarre, Bob Marley, Otis Redding. Between her father and her brothers, she was exposed to everything from soul to grunge, from 1980s house music to new age. 

In 2014, she starts being trained by international vocal coaches and collaborates, as a singer and performer, with bands from pop/rock to funk and R&B. She got many occasions to hit big stages and also to take part yearly to official events.

However, her huge passion for electronic music leads her to a new path. Everything started in 2012 in her home studio with her different production gear like the Roland Fantom Xa, PreenFM2, Korg MS20 Mini, some Eurorack modulars, a Yamaha Reface DX, a drum machine and FL Studio. 

In 2017, she formed a songwriting partnership together with Marcelo Dias, a.k.a. Self, an experienced composer and producer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Together, backed by Self´s rhythm section, they began doing their own music and in August 2018, when Self decided to move to Europe, they founded their duo, Hertzen, a successful project having self-released two albums and two EPs. After only 4 months, she performed live with Self in Milan at an international festival of industrial music. 


After receiving training in electronic music production in May 2019, she got deep into the production of her first works started in September 2017 that resulted in her first self-produced album "Epiphany", a beat-oriented project where she combines various layers of rhythmic flows (IDM, brokenbeat, DNB, glitch, techno) with meditative overtones in it and effects on her voice.

The album is a gearbox that switches times and states. These are multi-layered rhythm calls and phase shifts and multiple noise distortions. The album reflects her stream of consciousness. a way to give voice to her thoughts about love, resignation, nature. 


Influenced by a wide range of music, Maye delivers a deep mixture of electronica and experimental sounds. Besides writing her own lyrics, she writes and produces all recordings on her own. 

Over the years she focuses on the eco-futurism in her sound researches. The subject of her studies considers microtonal, noise and polyrhythmic structures, which is typical of both natural pulsations and certain patterns of synthetically created media. Maye synthesizes sounds that are structurally close to nature, and then she tempers them dance with contemporary urban rhytms.
Technically, these are manipulations with various pre-prepared sequences and effects of analog and digital synthesizers in real time. Stylistically, this is experimental electronics, which basically has ambient as some space for unfolding sound events of different scale and intensity.

Her music reveals fine harmony between prodigious depths and magical aerial elevations of its sound.

Her music doesn't require or demand perfectionism and does not follow some specific styles. The expression is raw and uncensored. Her music aims at bringing the listener in non-ordinary dance-state, to reveal directions towards your own source of power. 

This album is just a taste, an introduction for my upcoming album in the beginning of 2020!

psychic glitch | noetic techno | fractal | noise | archaic overtones | psychedelic trance

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